Trelmarixian heard the Lunar Core's drill activate as Orwyn and Laam made it to the firing zone again. He could feel the weight of their darkness lift from the Final Fortress as they were dispersed.

Screw 'em. If they wanted to talk to him, they could wait. He didn't have better things to do, not when he was just sitting and thinking in the shadow of a once-beloved ship that he had rendered obsolete with stolen technology. Not when there was no crew left on the 'Core to keep waiting and no friends left to offer advice. He was alone with his thoughts, in the overwhelming darkness of a place so infused with ruin that Entropics walked around like they fucking owned the place.

No. He had nothing better to do than to speak with them. But bizarrely, Orwyn had always reminded him of Vellis, and Vellis was the last person he wanted to think about, right now. So for now, no matter how petty it was, the Entropics could wait.