So Lost Upon Their Stage Edit

The party sails from Qadira toward Absalom, the City at the Center of the World, with hopes to build new lives in the wake of the destruction at Sandstone. Their arrival, however, triggers the genesis of something bigger than all of them.

Fission Edit

The party is awoken in the night as the Starstone — the test at the center of the city through which mortal men can gain the powers of Gods — splits open, casting out two strange figures who immediately go to war in the skies above the city.

Timebleed Edit

Whatever strange magic these nascent Gods wield, it casts Absalom in the shadow of something far greater — and sends the party reeling through time and space to catch a glimpse of the apocalyptic future that awaits the world.

The Ministry Edit

Telani's brother, Visuvio, has long led the Ministry of the Lost in the hope that their devotion might one day give rise to new Gods; and now, he's found them.

Pantheon Edit

As Gods, new and old, emerge all across Golarion, the world finds itself in turmoil once again. With the party placed squarely in the center of it all, how will their choices affect the rest of the world?